Why Women Aren’t Attracted To Nice Guys?

Most males suppose Being “nice” to a lady is one of the simplest ways to create attraction… but They’re DEAD WRONG. This is why nice guys finish last With girls (however you do not have to)

If you’re a pleasant guy who by no means seems in an effort to appeal to sizzling girls… or you may have horny feminine friends who always seem to say, “he’s, in reality, glorious, however, I similar to him as a friend”…

…then this could possibly be the single most vital factor you ever read in your entire lifestyles.

I am now not kidding… If I needed to sum up the biggest mistake that I see men making with ladies (and the big mistake that I’ve made myself too repeatedly to rely upon), it’s this:

Most males act like total WUSSIES with women and KILL Attraction.

In case you didn’t realize it, being wussy is available in two primary flavors:

Appearing like a wussy with a woman proper from the beginning
Changing into a wussy as you get to know her
Now, I’d challenge to guess that the majority males both act like wussies with women they are drawn to always, or they become wussies within Just a few weeks or meeting a girl that they really like.


Get your “Secret Advantage” with women

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If you’re still sitting on the bench, there can hardly be 2 reasons for it.

You will have so many women chasing you that you don’t even need to check out.
You are dealing with obstacles like anxiousness, concern, or lack of self-esteem that ruin your possibilities of success ahead of you even get started.
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Get Your Advantage
I do know, this sounds a little ordinary, right? What the heck should be a Wuss must do with attracting girls?

The reply: the whole thing. And in case you haven’t gotten this idea by using now, let’s evaluation some of the essential ideas to remember on the subject of attracting girls: (Learn what attracts women to men)

How to IMPRESS a Girl in 5 Minutes

Attraction isn’t a choice

As humans, we do not consciously make a selection who we feel attracted to. It simply occurs to us… bang! And that you couldn’t persuade any person to feel this highly effective emotion.

Attraction Doesn’t Make Logical Sense

While you think about the concept that of being emotionally attracted to some other individual, it simplest is smart that you must really feel drawn to good qualities like niceness and honesty and loyalty, right? smartly guess what… attraction doesn’t play by these principles.

The things that we’re drawn to don’t make logical feel when you take a look at them. we all know that sexy ladies appear to this point quite a lot of abusive jerks… and that man ceaselessly keeps in relationships with unsatisfied ladies who just “use them.”

For attraction to make logical sense, you have to find out how it really works and get a deeper working out of what triggers it.

Status Is Key When It Comes To Attraction

Women are almost never attracted to men of lower status than themselves. Because of this sure stereotypes exist, comparable to women now not liking shorter men, and women who make a lot of money being intimidating to men.

Horny Women Have a Lot of Choices

Most males have never even taken a minute of their lives to imagine what it must wish to be a gorgeous girl. Sexy girls are approached in one way or some other at all times by means of men who’re occupied with them.

For an attractive girl, each smile, every kind gesture, and each want is in one way or another considered as passion.

A beautiful lady is approached in one way or another many times a day. It will be inconceivable for a phenomenal woman to present even a small fraction of her time to every of the boys who displays pastime in her.

Most men Are Boring, Predictable, And Unoriginal

Simply as most men have by no means given a notion of how it must feel and what it must be preferred to be a phenomenal girl, most males have by no means given an idea to the fact that males are predictable beyond perception…from a phenomenal woman’s viewpoint.

The comment or praise that you think is so unique, or the invitation to a date… or the question about her having a boyfriend… or the comment that “her boyfriend is a lucky man”… is so unoriginal, predictable… and worst of all, boring to a stupendous woman.

She will get these things a hundred times a day! And males who are unoriginal do not stand out from the gang.

All Women Have “Wuss-Dar”

There are just a few simple, unmistakable indicators that males provide off that say, “Howdy, I’m just any other wuss, so do not pay attention to the rest I do, because I’m going to always be one”… which, of course, makes girls run.

(As an aspect observe, sexy women even have non-wuss-dar as smartly. In different words, from just a few simple clues, an exquisite woman can speedy comprehend if she is dealing with a person who isn’t a Wuss, and who, due to this fact, will be one of the few who are allowed the time and consideration for romantic interactions.)

So, What is it about being a WUSS that’s the large downside here? And why is it that of all issues in the world, that is the WORST MISTAKE in relation to attracting girls?

It took me a number of years now to truly figure this out, and it’s no longer precisely easy to provide an explanation for.

But, I’ll sum it up and say this:

Women come to PRE-PROGRAMMED with a mental image of the kind of man that they should feel attraction for. This programming is both genetic and cultural, but I personally believe that most of this programming are genetic. In other words, women are born with it. This is why…

Once A Woman Feels ATTRACTION, Your Success Is AUTOMATIC

Attraction isn’t like other issues that appear like they will have to be an identical. If you wish to make chums with any individual, you will have to be nice, do them favors, be courteous, and most often act like you are making an effort. but, whilst you attempt to take this type of pondering and apply it to attraction (which almost all males do), then you find yourself doing things that should work… but they don’t.

ATTRACTION is very counter-intuitive, which means that it would not work the best way you assume.

This is the reason unless you ultimately get how it works in truth, you can just maintain beating your head up in opposition to the wall doing things that don’t work… trying more difficult when these items fail… and actually making things worse as a result of now not understanding it.

As an instance:

  • Have you ever met a woman and given her a compliment, only to have her walk away and show no interest?
  • Have you ever pursued a woman with gifts, favors, and dinners, only to have her be confused and need time alone… which eventually led to her wanting to just be friends?
  • Have you ever had an attractive female friend who liked to date abusive jerks… and then tell YOU about the abuse she was putting up with… all the while you would have done anything for a chance to be with her?
  • Yeah, me too. That’s what I mean it when I say that you can actually make things worse by trying harder when you don’t get how attraction works.

NOTE: if you want to examine the secret language of attraction… and easy methods to trigger this response in girls together with your communication alone… then learn this NOW.

Summing up the biggest MISTAKE males make with girls

The one large mistake that man makes with girls… the one that motives the most pain and prevents essentially the most success is being wussy (or becoming one later).

For lots of cases, a Wussy simply does not make for an attraction, romantic counterpart. Girls will settle for a wuss, and even relax with one (frequently after the Wuss has demonstrated the complete lack of self-admire, and his complete willingness to position aside all of his personal needs for a girl).

Sadly, this regularly ends with the girl cheating on the Wuss, leaving him for anyone else, taking the whole thing from him (together with his self-esteem) and so on.

The purpose is, a wussy would not trigger attraction. Wussies are boring. They’re needy. They lack energy, act clingy, and make women feel trapped and repulsed.

Everything about a Wuss Says, “Don’t Choose Me!”

Now, the very first thing most guys say after they hear this information is, “But I do not wish to be a jerk to girls,” or “I like the theory of being nice,” or “I’m just being myself with girls… what’s flawed with that?.”

I  can identify. I get it. In fact, I spent a few years of my lifestyles pondering some of these things.

And what YOU need to get is that you do not need to be a JERK or deal with women badly to attract them. You just want to:

1) Stop being nice to attractive women.

This means no asking women out, no giving them lots of compliments, no putting your needs aside, no accepting manipulative behavior to please women, and no giving women special treatment or privileges just because they’re attractive.

Note: I did not say to treat women badly. I’m just telling you to stop doing all the fake things you’re doing just to make women like you.

2) Stop handing women your…umm… testosterone-making devices on a silver platter.

In other words, stop giving away your power to women. Do not communicate in any way, shape, or form that you will put aside your own self respect in order to get a woman’s approval.

3) Say NO to a request from an attractive woman at least once every single day.

Do not do this in an angry, mean, or abusive way. Just simply say, no. (By the way, it’s okay to say no in a serious tone, then do the thing she requested after making her sweat a little. This is using sarcasm and humor, and if once you learn how to do it in EXACTLY the right way, it will earn you big points).

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