What Attracts Women to Men?

I might like to talk a few thought that’s relatively difficult for many men to “Get”.

Ironically, it is an idea that is quite easy to understand, but as it is so illogical and “ counter-intuitive” it is often missed out totally.

It is figuring out what attracts a girl to men.

And what I’m about to share with you took me actually YEARS to determine… despite the fact that it was in front of my face the whole time.

Once, I first determined to get this area known as “ Girls and Dating” taken care of in my very own life, I did what I think most guys do… I THOUGHT  a lot about it, I READ loads about it, and I ASKED loads about it.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying psychology and woman behavior because it fascinates me… and that I figured that all of my understanding of how individuals worked would really provide me a bonus on this quest I had started.

And on the grounds that I feel I’m lovely smart, I figured that this may be one thing that I’d get figured out reasonably quick.

Neatly, what a humbling experience I used to be in for.

As I soon learned, it is no longer easy to unravel an illogical problem through fascinated about it logically!

Actually, now that I do know better, I believe that attraction IS rather logical… it’s simply that how it works is so unexpected that it seems illogical. but for now, let’s just use the time period “illogical” because it forces the thoughts to position aside pre-conceived notions of what “will have to” occur

As I was once trying to figure all these items out for myself (and consider, I had no concept that I would later write an ebook to assist others) I stored working into challenges.

It gave the impression that each logical factor I did just didn’t work in a technique that made an experience.

Some of the largest mistakes I made was ASSUMING THAT enchantment worked the identical method for women THAT IT DOES FOR males.

I was doing everything I could imagine being a pleasant, sweet, great guy… but girls just did not appear to reply to me the best way I wanted.

It simplest made sense that since males are interested in appears and sweet personalities that ladies must be too … right?

So, of course, I attempted to work this angle by way of sporting nice garments, doing good things for girls, and being the NICEST guy that you must ever meet. I used to be accommodating to the intense. I’d do whatever a lady wished, and basically ordinary whatever flaky or manipulative behaviors she used with me.

However considering none of that stuff appeared to in reality assist in any respect, I just stored coming to the identical conclusion:

I need to not BE sexy enough, excellent having a look enough, wealthy sufficient, OR something enough.

I was doing the whole lot I might think about to be a pleasant, candy, great man… however women just didn’t seem to answer me in a “sexually attracted” way…

“It must just be me that is the issue,” I believed.

Neatly, fortunately for me, I’m no longer one to give up easily.

I caught with it, and I finally did something that had a PROFOUND affect on my private success…

I MADE friends WITH different GUYS WHO were “ NATURALLY ”a hit WITH girls and that I WATCHED WHAT THEY DID.

After I assume again now, I believe to myself “DUH!”

But it in point of fact made a huge difference.

This is an immense revelation I discovered from them.

Males are extra attracted to physical characteristics, and women are extra attracted to personality qualities.

Yes, its true that women makes their first decision from your profile picture so its one of the most important part of online dating. A good profile pic is essential to “make or break” your whole online dating game and as it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words but when we talk of online dating profile picture it is worth much more. To get more attention one should stand out or make a unforgettable first impression. But unfortunately majority of people who join dating sites to find partners fail miserably in it. So, what makes a good online dating picture? What are the things to keep in mind when posting a picture on an Online Dating Site?
Regardless of how attractive you are? what message you send first? what cool hobbies you have listed? or what an amazing  job you do? or how many times you have traveled to Costa Rica and been surfing in the ocean!

It can all go useless if you don’t have a attractive profile picture – which help you make girls fall in love in your first look!

But what if you are not good looking?

Look, this is a BIG myth, the fact that you don’t KNOW how to actually pose for a photograph or how you pick a profile photo that will boost your looks. If this is your case then here are some amazing tips that will help you take a better snap next time:


 How to Pose :-

  • Always take a picture in angles rather than fancy posing. Believe it or not but photo taken from angle are more attractive than posing. I am not a photogenic but with time, I have learned how to pose and what angles I needed to adjust myself and it helped look literally 100 times better!
  • Never pose your face directly at camera unless you have a large nose.
  • If you are large in size(fat) then never post your full body picture rather consider posting head and shoulder photo. or if you choose to post full size photo than always position your body in a 45 degree angle, do not positioning your body directly face on! Even the slimmest person can go up two whole dress sizes when they do this.
  •  If you have a black skin or too many wrinkles then try snapping a photos with a high focus camera or in a low softly lit setting, preferably candle or so.
  • If you have a large nose, then tilt your head up slightly as this makes your nose appear smaller than it actually is. Also, in this case you should aim to look directly at the camera ( if you nose is really large that is).
  • If you have a double chin or weak jaw, then  extend your neck towards the camera, which will help avoid a double chin and will accentuate your jaw line

Once you complete this than the next step is the setting.

Look at your current photo you have on your profile, and if you don’t have one yet, then look at the photos you have been considering to upload on to your profile. What do they say about you? Do they express how happy you are, and that you are busy person? OR, do they give a illusion that you spends too much time in front of their computer? Do they say that you’re a fake? Do they send the message that you are trying too hard? Ask these exact questions and be completely honest with yourself. Ask yourself this: “Could I have a better photo than the one I have already?”
“The answer will probably be “YES”


Common Photo Mistakes :-

While doing a research on this topic I found many mistake a man makes in common.

  • Loner pic – Many guys have photos of themselves taken from their computer or phone camera. You can even see the screen of their laptop glaring in the reflection of their eyes or glasses.
  • The Fakers photo – Some guys try to have a professional pictures taken in a professional studio as a result it looks tacky or fake, even though you are considered to be a really handsome man, a modelling picture raises a girls suspicions in thinking that you are not real.
  • Invisible man pics – I have seen a lot of guys upload photos of themselves doing some amazing cool stuff such as surfing, sky diving, BUT nearly every time, those photos have been taken from a long distance, or their faces will be almost completely unseen. This kinda pics gives an suspicious feeling when they put their face on their profile pics. Although the settings of his photo might be impressive, the fact we cannot see his face, over shadows the fact that he is trying to convey what a fun and active lifestyle he is leading. Save these kind of photos for your online album, which she will inevitably look at once she’s impressed with your profile picture, your profile and of course the message you would have sent.


What Makes A Killer Profile Pic :-

  • Activity Pics – Keep a photo of yourself enjoying at beach or at party, have  photo of yourself enjoying your favorite hobby then make sure you have your face clearly on display.
  • Social Life Supremacy – A photo of you with your  family or friend, this can include a girls or even boys – a photo of you with a whole group enjoying at party is the best, just keep in mind that you need to show that you have a great social life.
  • Pet lover – A photo with your pets Whether it is a pet dog or cat, or something more exotic like a lion or an elephant . This is something girls usually warm to, and it conveys a more sensitive side to your personality. Seeing a man with an animal can be very attractive. I stand by the fact that a man with a puppy dog generates more attention from women than a man with an Aston Martin ( I have actually put this theory to the test).
  • Holiday Fun Pics – A photo of you on holiday, if you have a photo of you standing next to a famous or iconic attraction, then use that photo.This is far more interesting than just some random picture of you on a generic beach somewhere. A holiday picture sends the message that you enjoy travelling and exploring. Also, If you have any photos of you in unusual or exotic locations such as the jungle, the amazon, safari, the desert, or the arctic then PLEASE include them.


All these photos can make an interesting conversational hook. Often women will look through a guys photo album, and find nothing that will provoke them into asking him a question. Think about it, what can you really ask a guy who has just photos of him and his mates in a bar, or just photos of him on his own, smiling? It says ZERO about who you are, and provides ZERO conversation hooks.
The suggestions I have made above, will provide her with plenty of things to ask you about, and will increase your level of attractiveness.


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Males are instantly attracted to the sight of a young, shapely feminine body. As a man, you know that this process occurs in an instant and “all by using itself”, meaning you do not in point of fact have a choice in the matter

Neatly, women are attracted after they engage with a man that has certain features and personality characteristics

Consider that for a moment.

Men become attracted to what they can see. Women become attracted by what can NEVER be seen.

Do bodily looks, cash, fame, energy, height, age, and so forth. play into this at all?

After all, they do.

but they’re no longer nearly as essential as most males assume they are.

To sum up…

Girls do not decide who to feel attracted to with their logical minds. They “make a decision” with their thoughts and then makeup reasons and rationalize it.

Attraction is not a choice!

Because of this some men entice girls so smartly, while others don’t… and why ANY man can enhance his success with women DRAMATICALLY, no matter what his looks, age, or income.

Marshal Rose

Marshal is a dating coach for over 12 years. His passion is helping great guys become confident, social, and successful with women.

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