4 Distinct Steps On Creating an Attraction

There are 4 step formula for creating an attraction and taking it to the direction that you wish to go. These steps are:


  1. COMFORT – Establishing trust, faith and security.
  2. RAPPORT BREAK – Making the distance between friend and BOYfriend.
  3. BUILDING ATTRACTION – When girls feel attractive towards you.
  4. ESCALATION – Taking it to kiss, a hot date and then wherever you want.


Each step is a phase that everyone naturally goes through – when developing a romantic or sexual situation, whether you are looking for one night stand or a full blown love story. If you had ever had any kind of encountered or relationship with girls, chances are you have been through all these steps without even realizing it.

The order of these step is most important, diving into the deep may seem to panic or disturbing for some people. A rapport break without comfort could be too unpleasant, trying to build a relationship without comfort also is an unwanted advantage, trying to make escalation without building relationship or attraction is simply unholy, sometimes it is essential to skip to next step because however the previous step may already be completed by someone.

Let’s take the quick look to each step in detail:

#1. Comfort


The first step is to build comfort, a woman should feel comfortable around you. Woman’s have to feel comfortable with you in order to start down the road to attraction, or they have to, at least, feel safe in your presence. Comfort can come from feeling protected, just from having fun around you, or from sharing common ground. Especially with a stranger, you want to engender a situation where they at ease with you and there is no fear of you doing any harm to her; in short you want her to trust you. When someone find you attractive than they initially feel attractive and comfortable towards you.

#2 Rapport Break

Ironically, after building comfort, we kind of have to take it back a little bit. The reason we do this is because too many guys only spend time building comfort, and women walk around being practically worshiped in our society. If you go to a country where men still have all the power, chances are you can still succeed very well at seduction if you just build comfort and do nothing else. Breaking rapport is critical to creating a feeling of attraction, as comfort alone becomes an easy friendship, pleasant but really unexciting. With rapport break, you can develop the comfort slightly, usually by disagreeing, teasing, telling a joke or by saying something sexually suggestive.

But in industrialized countries, where women are more independent and sexually liberated, thus having way more dating options than guys, you’ve got to represent a bit of a challenge in order to spark their interest. They still need comfort in the beginning, so they can see you’re a decent guy, but then you’ve got to challenge them somehow. As a warning, though, you’ve got to be very careful about overdoing this lest you come across as a prick—this is one of the biggest mistakes men make when they start studying the game.


#3 Building Attraction

After breaking a rapport now you have to show your attractive quality, and you need to balance the excitement created by rapport breaking behavior with comfort, this will convey you high status and  making your company and “fun to be with”. This is one of the most important and difficult parts if you are not born with the aptitude or starting from scratch. If you have ever been in a relationship before then you might have it already.

Build comfort, challenge them by breaking rapport, get them to invest in you, make your sexual interest known, and bingo, you’ve got a hot and bothered woman on your hands. And once you’ve got this formula down pat, so that you can replicate your success over and over again with different women, it truly becomes life-changing. But we’re not there yet—simply knowing these steps, in theory, isn’t enough to be anything more than good at talking about seduction. In order to really harness their power, you’ve got to learn the ins and outs of each little variable. You’ve got to study it and then put it into action.


#4 Escalation

Once you reach a certain level of the score then you can take it to the next level, maybe with a kiss, with a hug, asking phone number, or anywhere you want to take it.

This is another area where a lot of newbies fail miserably. Some guys do great coming out of the gate, get a woman showing all the right signs, but never take it to the next level. And the end result is they have a hot female friend they never get to sleep with—friends like this are assets, but it sucks when it’s not what you wanted. The key is to sexually escalate or else you’ll never break out of that friend zone. It’s about moving the seduction along. Sexual escalation is difficult for men who don’t have a lot of experience or are shy around beautiful women, but we’ve made it easy by breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps that intensify throughout the interaction, giving you a chance to assess her reactions.



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