Virginia to hire Virginia Tech grads to fill job vacancies

VIRGINIA — Virginia Tech has hired three former Virginia Tech students to fill the vacancies on its faculty and staff, the school announced Monday.The hires are the first to come from the school’s graduate programs.They are the third graduate hires from the Virginia Tech School of Nursing to be hired this year.Vermont-based school President andRead More

How to get a license for a real estate agent

A real estate attorney in the state of Texas is being investigated by state prosecutors for alleged violations of the state’s licensure law, according to a news release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.The investigation began in late January when the attorney, David B. Staley, was interviewed by the Harris Co. prosecutor’s office forRead More

Publix: NNIS appointments ‘unfortunate’

A group of public health experts and health officials have said that the Maharashtra government’s appointment process for medical practitioners who perform NNIs is “unfortunatelly” and that it is “not conducive to the quality of care” in the state.The public health officials, who are part of the advisory committee of the Maharashtra State Medical Council,Read More

Why I don’t believe in the Pats being great in the playoffs

The Patriots haven’t been great in their past seven playoff games and have lost five straight.The team has played at least five games in each of the past three seasons.The Patriots will play two playoff games in the second half.I’m not convinced that the Patriots are great in those games.

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