How to Make a Girl Miss You?

Everyone in today’s world needs someone to listen and to share their feelings. Most of the time people don’t get the right atmosphere at home, and even if they get, to be in the trend they usually go ahead and seek for a relationship. Now when you are in a relationship, you might sometimes feel that you are getting a bit distanced and that’s the point you need to make her miss you.

In this article, we will help you with a few tips and tricks with which you can make her lose you. With this method, she is going to feel the incompleteness without you, and will always be seeking for your company.

 1. Always end with a Mystery

When you are in a relationship or are getting into one, you must not finish your juice in one go. You must not tell every thing at the first go. Let her know about you slowly and steadily always leave something which she must carve to know at a later stage. You must always have something untold to tell her in a good story way at a later time.

 2. Just don’t be only you and you in Talks

This ‘s a bad idea at all. You must give space to your partner also so that she must think about you. You must not keep on talking just about yourself because it will make her feel that she is not in a relationship, she is your therapist. Just don’t tell every single detail about you, because talking too much about self can come off as self-absorbed.

3. Give Her Space

If you want someone to miss you, you have to be a bit of distance from the person. You cannot simply be like, she is with you, and you expect her to be missing you. Give her some space, when she is not with you just don’t be pinging now and then with phone calls, texts, Whatsapp, and other medias. If you do the opposite, she might start to feel smothered and suffocated, and then she might try to move away from you.

4. Don’t be desperate

Are you picking the call just on the first ring? If yes then you must stop this activity. Take atleast a minute to take up the call, or let the call end, and then call her up. You have to show you are not desperate, at the same time take care that you are showing your carelessness.

If you are with someone from around 4-5 days, then it is quite ok if you give a break for a day or two, which will even allow her to miss you. Also let her know about the same, that you are busy otherwise she is going to be super blown off and might end up moving on.

5. Surprise Her

You must keep your life a bit interesting. She must be expecting something or the other every moment from your side. This will make her always think about you, and will eventually miss you. Surprises such as Chocolates, flowers, love notes, and such things daily can make her fall for you even more.

6. Give her something which can remind her of you

Most of the time, we give gifts to our loved one which they like, but it’s not the right idea every time. You must gift something which you like, and they can find your image, your shadow in it! You can give a t-shirt with your name, a book you like, or anything as such which can make her remember you.

7. Sweetness is utmost importance

When people try to get someone, they usually fake most of the moments. Like being soft to her, not paying attention to some mistakes. But when you get into the relationship, you can become rude, and that is the thing you don’t have to do. Always show respect to her, and make her feel good with the tons of sweetness you have for her inside your heart.

These are some of the tips you must follow in your relationship to make her miss you, and this can eventually help you to live a much better life with your partner.

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