10 Steps to Getting a Girlfriend That Stays Forever

I have many guys saying “I want a girlfriend, how to impress a girl?”, look first thing is that it’s not an easy thing, it’s a matter of all inner game and strategic moves and confidence. Many people are just born with this skill and many people develop it – just like me. I wasn’t good at dating at all, I was so bad that I don’t even have the guts to talk to a woman but with time, learning and implementation. I have developed many sets of skills that now I can just go and start talking to any women, anywhere, anytime. So guys everyone can be successful with women’s you just need is a sets of mindset, skill and some principles that’s will help you become successful in your dating life immensely. I have written 10 easy beginner steps that’ will help you to get a girlfriend.


STEP #1 – Decide your Purpose.

Let’s get started now with the first, and most critical idea you must grasp – what is your purpose?

You need to know what your purpose is and move passionately toward its fulfillment. Aimless, uninspired men are less attractive and tend to be unhappy and single. Women can intuitively sense this about the men in their lives. Having a magnetic, centered, focused purpose is critical to healthy relationships for men.

Your purpose is to be discovered, not decided. So, take a minute now and ask yourself, what is my life commanding of me? What is within the realm of my immediate control that is most urgent and necessary? What area of my life causes me the greatest – What is your purpose? concern? What part of me causes me the greatest pain?

Now, take a 5 minute and write down your specific purpose as a declaration. It may seem cheesy, but trust me, it is necessary!

Here are some examples:

I am devoted to increasing the scope of my social circle. I desire more sophisticated, intelligent, attractive people to spend time with and enlarge my social life.

I will start my business by the end of this week, and will try to develop it to a higher level.

STEP #2 – Go Out and Meet Women’s

If you will keep sitting at your home or keep reading books on dating then – What is the use of it? Constantly reading and thinking about how to get a girlfriend then you are never going to succeed. The first reason why many men succeed with women easily is that they are really very social, they are always on a look for meeting new women’s and have a good talk with them. If you alone shy then find a friend who is great with women and join him. He might help you meet new women and help you get socialized. Another thing is that – don’t be wussy met women, have a talk with them, know them, make them smile, look in their eyes while talking and be a really INTERESTING person.

If you are a social person already still have no idea why you are not good with women then just look in-yourself, what the other men are doing and what you are not and then challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and be a man that every woman want’s. Sometimes some people are really boastful, really unlike kinda or just too “ASS LICKER” or just too desperate or too criticized person. Change yourself, but not all in one shot that may look weird try to find your problems and then change it one by one, and always keep in mind that you need to respect every woman near you though you like her or not, but you need to respect because women love guys who are the gentleman. You deserve a woman that are very special and Social connections play a bigger game in it!


Step #3 – Be Positive

Positive Emotions = Positive Relationships

What activities or actions do you participate in on a daily basis that provides you a healthy portion of positive emotions?

Don’t fear rejection. It’s a part of the game. I know many men’s who just can’t bear rejection, they just behave as if – when a woman rejects the world is near end for them. No, it’s a part of the game when anyone rejects you, you learn a lesson I am personally rejected many a time’s, but remember when any woman rejects you just think she wasn’t of your standard!

Identify the areas in your life where you play the victim. Commit to taking responsibility in this area. Plan this success by developing action plans to take charge of your outer life and take control of empowerment and positive emotions is both attractive and masculine.


Step#4 – Try Being a Friend First or She May Freak OUT!

While learning to date I did many mistakes and this was one of those “not being a friend first”- Once I liked a girl, I kept giving her looks for a couple of days and then one day simply went and proposed to her, and the response was NO! so please don’t do that it’s too weird. Many times man thinks that if she is looking at me means she likes me NO! this isn’t the key, First try to be a friend first.

Be friendly, but don’t be afraid to show your interest in her because this will help you get an idea that if she really likes your company or not. REMEMBER do not start being romantic or NEEDY she may get embarrassed on you, give her time, help her, create your positive friendly image on her, Please do never never criticize on her at least in a friendly stage don’t tell she looks ugly, she is fat or whatever just try to compliment her (BUT don’t overdo it, it may look fake), Once she accepts you Friendly then its time for our next step.


Step#5 – Be COCKY, Be FUNNY.

Do not talk about any boring subject, choose a subject that is interesting and most important makes her LAUGH. Women like guys who are smart and fun to be with. They are more interesting to men who can make them laugh and are humorous. This is one of the most important part of “Get a Girlfriend” method, you can share a funny incident, a joke, strictly do not pass a vulgar joke and also do not just keep joking –  try to laugh as less as you can on your joke this will help you stay away from that Joker image.

The best way to do an amazing conversion with a woman is based on three pillars Engage, Hook, and Connect!

Engage, Hook, Connect. Master this simple plan of action and dates with the women of your choosing will be a regular occurrence. Having this plan in place empowers you to own your dating life. You now get to choose.

Own the skills of flirting, complimenting, baiting and storytelling. Fill your conversations with these techniques. Know that each of these is designed to empower YOU. If you feel your power slipping away, use one of these tools to get back on track.
A man who lives with passion is never short on “material”. Conversation happens as a result of interest in sharing life with other people. Games are no longer necessary.


Step #6 – Get Her Number.

The fastest way to get a women’s cell phone no I learned from David Dangelo

1) After ending communicating while going walking away, turn your back gently!

2) Say, “Hey! Do you have an email id?”

3) NOTE: Always keep a piece of paper and a pen with you tell her to write it down.

4) While she is writing ask her to add her phone number as well… (I’m sure she will not deny)


Step #7 – Call her for coffee

This is for making sure if she likes you, if she likes you she will come and  after going for a coffee for several days just keep a watch that does she send you an mixed signals, if yes  grab now, you will know whether she likes you or not in a way she replies, looks you and how she talks. Watch her body language, Do you get the impression that she wants to be around you? – you can know this easily if you concentrate on her action and the way she behaves.

Get a sense of her feeling whether she really likes you or not check her friends to see if she really Digs you


 Step #8 – Find the right place and time 

This thing depends on women who you are digging with if she is nerdy she might like library more than a club in the senses find a place which suits you and your women.

But Yeah! choose a place with enough privacy to talk personal you can avoid an overly romantic situation like surprise and candlelight dinner. Be, as usual, be simple, after having a long walk in a park, having a little drink  it can be perfect.

Pick the right time. Evenings are more romantic and will allow a woman to think and focus than a busy day. Make a plan ahead don’t be afraid she is not gonna eat you up. Just kill your inner anxiety and just go and say what’s in your heart.


Step #9 – How to Propose

10 creative lines to propose:

  1. I love you.
  2. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.
  3. I want to grow old with you.
  4. I can’t imagine a life without you in it.
  5. Having you by my side is what completes me.
  6. Before I met you, I never realized how empty my life was.
  7. I now know that you and I are truly meant to be together.
  8. I wish I could give you everything, but I hope that this flower is enough.
  9. Will you give me your hand in marriage?
  10. Will you make me the happiest man alive


Step #10 – It’s now your turn to share your story or advice which can help our dating community to have a girlfriend that stays forever!



Marshal Rose

Marshal is a dating coach for over 12 years. His passion is helping great guys become confident, social, and successful with women.

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