Arizona’s new D.M.V. appointment guidelines could allow for more doctors in a state that’s already under-served

By Amy B Wang, Associated PressDUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) For years, Arizona has been trying to get new doctors to fill vacancies in its health system.In a state with one of the highest rates of hospitalization and deaths from cancer, that hasn’t been easy.But the state’s new appointment guidelines, signed Thursday by Gov.Doug Ducey,Read More

Which Apple AppleCare appointments are eligible for AppleCare?

By NIKET K. RANDA | THURSDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2017 12:01:01The AppleCare app for iPhone and iPad lets you make appointments using AppleCare.But it can be hard to find a job that is available in the AppleCare AppleCare App.Here are some questions you might have.AppleCare is the official job-management app of Apple Inc. AppleCare for iPhone/iPadRead More

Why Apple Genius is awesome

Apple’s new Genius app for iOS and Android has opened up the world of personal assistant and productivity tools to a whole new class of people.Here are the pros and cons of Apple’s app, how to get started and what to expect.1.Personal assistant and personal productivity tools are all yours and all of the time.TheRead More

Why you need a real doctor appointment appointment

You might think you’re not required to have a doctor’s appointment for health reasons, but many people are.So, if you’re getting a second doctor’s appointments, it’s time to consider an appointment with a real one.Here are 10 things to know about online doctors appointments.1.How much is an appointment?The average annual cost of an online doctorRead More

Which states can get a power of attorney?

The power of an appointment can allow an attorney to issue a document in a state other than Maryland to someone else in a different state.Here are the key points to know: Maryland can issue an appointment to someone in the state, even if they’re not Maryland residents.

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