How To APPROACH a Girl

The last time we discussed the tips on “Getting a GirlFriend” with Marshal Desai. Today I am going to discuss on how to approach a girl.

I will teach you some useful tricks to approach Girls, Here I will not guarantee you or not take any authority that you will succeed, but it will definitely help and change your body language, fear against girls and much more stuff that usually stuck you at the time of approaching girls. At the time of reading this post, the people think that “I know this” please don’t do that mistake. Try to keep learning and practicing and using it until you have it done.

So from here we go to the topic “How To Approach a Girl”! Before you dive in the conversation with a girl, wait for the exact time to talk. So, when’s the best time to approach a girl?..Don’t try to talk a girl when she is with her girlfriends. She likely feels protective for that other girls and it may be difficult to ask also and she can’t answer you directly. By the way, still it’s a good idea to talk to the group, she rejects you then, crack a joke in a boisterous crowd.

So before you start to approach and  impress a girl, let her know that you are interested, then the response you receive will let you know if she’s feeling the same way or not. So know the first start with the Eye contact, but use it sparingly (quality or extent), introduce yourself, smile and find a suitable topic for the situation. In short try to talk, start debating because delivery is the key to success, always remember in mind. After starting some little bit, conversation tries to look at her and really listen that what she’s saying. When she finishes her line, follow her and try to ask questions about that line.

At the time of conversation don’t be serious; you are not here to do business. You are just trying to know her. Try to keep the conversation light and friendships. So by the way, at the time of conversation she smiles on your talk, enjoying your thoughts, laughs at your joke and main important thing tries to touch your arm in shortly and gently, you will feel a change in her body language. She’s been almost into you.

The most important things to achieve after knocking down that wall of the approach are:

  • Eye Contact
  • Smile
  • Hook And Conversation

But I wonder if I should be approaching girls in the light of day like randomly in cafes or at the park or in the street. I’ve never had the guts to do that. Perhaps I just need Drinks to loosen me up. But maybe it makes is that much more effective like a horror movie: “wow, this bad guy is even killing people during the day!”

I know some friend from my college who think that his success with women is about 1%, yet he didn’t spend his whole student career for a relationship with a girl because he was always asking out every woman he meets. This is, however, not a recommended tactic. If you want to increase your success rate against girls so there are some few tactics. The ones who are more likely open to a meeting will be those who are standing still and not determinedly holding hands with someone else. So try more with eye contacts and see the response and then try to approach her.

NOTE: Never ever crack a vulgar joke with girls this may hurt your image!

At the end of conversation there are some of the strategies that can be used to say while leaving conversation with a girl, first offer a positive statement like “Nice to talk you “, “Good to know you” and then make try to make plan like “Let’s hangout for coffee tomorrow” and at last make a reason for ending the conversation like “It’s too late for him”. So as much you learn from this post that starts debating and don’t be shy about her. The main important thing for youngsters is that NEVER use “LOL” word against girl … don’t ask me Why?. As per my research, I tell you that not to use that word.

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