What the GOP Is Trying to Do to the ACA

The GOP is trying to get the Affordable Care Act repealed.

And that means forcing people to go to the doctor.

It means giving the government more power over their health.

And it means allowing insurers to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

That’s what’s going on with the ACA.

Now, a lot of Republicans are worried about this bill.

Some have said it doesn’t go far enough.

Some say it doesn`t go farenough.

But it is the GOP plan to get rid of the ACA and replace it with something much worse.

It is the plan that gives the government far more power than it has ever had over people’s health.

The Affordable Care, the law that has brought us this day, is a failure.

It failed because Republicans have failed to understand what is right.

And what is necessary to make health care work is for people to be able to have access to a quality, affordable health care system that is affordable for all Americans.

It is the most important piece of legislation in the history of our nation, and it is now under threat.

And so, the House is moving quickly on a repeal bill that is not a repeal, but rather a continuation of the Affordable Health Care Act.

It will not be a replacement.

Instead, it will be an update of that bill, which includes provisions that the American people voted for, and that is why the American public overwhelmingly supports this bill in the polls.

But this legislation is a replacement of the Obamacare Act, which was passed without a single Republican vote, and is the single most important part of the Republican health care plan, and we are now moving to pass that bill.

It has been under assault by the House Republican leadership and the Senate Republican leadership.

And so, we have had more than a week of intense pressure and public pressure to pass this bill, and so we have done that.

But the Senate has a very strong majority.

And we are moving to have it pass, so that we can put the ACA back in the hands of the American People, and make it work for everybody.

So, I am glad the House has taken steps to get it passed.

But I think the Senate will take these steps as well.

It`s been a very difficult process.

We have had the same Republican leadership that was in charge of the last Congress, and they have not been doing a good job of holding together.

And I have got to tell you, I think that they have a lot to learn from the House, but they have been in charge for a long time.

They were in charge during the last two years of the Obama administration.

They have not done a good enough job of organizing the country.

I think it is time to put this mess back in their hands.

And they have to do it quickly.

So the Senate is going to have to move very quickly.

And the House will have to take very, very aggressive action, too.

But right now, we`re moving in the right direction, and I hope the House can get this done.

And then we can get it to the president, who has been very supportive.

I want to thank you all very much.

And now, as I said, I`ll be out there, working hard. END

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