Why are doctors in India not performing routine surgeries?

In the state of Maharashtra, where the state is known for its high levels of cancer and HIV infections, about a quarter of the state’s hospitals have closed.

According to data released by the state health department, about 14,000 doctors have retired or stopped practicing.

These doctors have a total of 1,072,946 cases of cancer, about 16% of the total.

The figures include about 1,000 deaths.

A total of 8,871 cases of HIV have been registered.

There are also about 3,000 people who have died from HIV in Maharashtra.

The state health secretary, M.N. Gopal, told The Hindu that the state government was considering all possible steps to ensure that the number of doctors who retired or ceased to practice was kept at bay.

The chief secretary, who is also the health minister, said that in Maharashtra, there are more than 1,700 doctors who have been retired or retired from practicing.

In 2014-15, the state reported that there were more than 11,000 physicians who had retired or left practicing, with the majority of them doctors from rural areas, Gopal said.

He added that this was part of the government’s efforts to bring down the number and improve health in the state.

Gopal also said that the health ministry had asked the state to make the hospitals available for routine surgery and routine diagnostic testing, which were the mainstay of the practice in the State.

However, the doctors had not started to do routine procedures for routine diagnostic tests and treatments, Gpal said.

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