How to access free wi-fi in the capital

Here is a handy guide to access wi-Fi in Canberra.


You can access Wi-Fi anywhere in Canberra, but the city limits its access to a certain area, such as the CBD and parts of the south and north.

If you need access to other areas of the city, you’ll need to find an address that can give you access to Wi-fi at the city’s central business district.

To find a Wi-FI network, check out the Canberra Airport website.


If your connection is slower than normal, try turning off Wi-Fys or Wi-Max.

You might find your connection gets slower after a while and you’ll have to use your mobile device to access the internet.

This is due to the way the Wi-fys and Wi-max work.

Theoretically, if you are using the Wi Fys at the airport, you will only get one signal and it will be at least 1 metre wide.

This will only happen if you turn on the Wi Max.

If this is not the case, the speed of the WiMAX can be adjusted to compensate.


You may have problems connecting to Wi Fi if you do not have a mobile phone.

This can be particularly difficult if you’re in the CBD, because it is difficult to get a signal on the streets.

You should check with your mobile phone provider if you don’t have a phone and if you have trouble getting a signal, call 1800 333 000.

If it’s not working, try using a Wi‑Fi hotspot in the area.


If Wi-Wi is not available, try to use the WiFys at a cafe, or a restaurant.

These cafes usually have Wi-wifi and the WiMax.


If there are people using the wi-fies at your location, you may be able to get access to wi-wifes if you can find an open area that can connect you.

To do this, check the city website for Wi-Power locations.


If a WiFy is not working at your home or business, call your local mobile phone network and ask them to try again.

If they don’t work, they will give you a chance to connect.

This may be possible for those who have problems accessing Wi-Wifes.


If using Wi-Fs, remember to turn them off when you are not using them.

This should help prevent them from interfering with your network.


You must ensure that your Wi-wan works and your mobile network works properly before you can access the WiFi network.

To ensure that you have the correct signal, check with the operator.


To access the network, call ACT Public Works on 1800 333 030.

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