What is a ‘pedestrian’ licence?

The rules for applying for a new driver’s licence in Italy are fairly straightforward.

You can apply for it online, by phone, by mail or by fax.

You must have a valid passport or a driving licence and a passport-like identification number, but the list of requirements can be extended to include a driving test, driving licence endorsement or any other information required by the state.

The process for applying is straightforward.

Just fill out the online application form, send it in and you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply.

You then have 24 hours to submit your paperwork and submit it by post or fax.

If you have any problems with your application, you can also call the nearest police station.

For an appointment or to book an online appointment, you need to submit a police form for the police to see.

This is done by filling in the form on the front page and sending it to the police station or the post office.

The police will then check the form for validity and send it back to you.

The driving licence is a valid ID that can be used for all driving, including taxi driving, for example.

For information about the police licensing system, including how to renew your driver’s license, see this guide from the Australian Institute of Criminology.

To renew your licence, you will need to fill in the forms and pay a fee of €15.

If your licence has been cancelled, you must pay a €10 cancellation fee, which can be waived if you provide proof of a new license.

If the renewal fee is not waived, the driver must pay €15 a month in fees for 30 days to be eligible for the renewal of a driver’s certificate.

You may be eligible if you are in a carpooling car, have a child under 12 or have a disability.

If this is the case, you may be able to use your licence to get around for free, as long as the carpoolers licence and the child’s licence have been renewed together.

For more information about driver’s licences, visit the Motor Transport Safety Agency.

How do I get a new driving licence?

For the first time in your life, you are required to get a driving license.

You don’t need a valid licence for a learner’s permit, and a learning permit is for people under the age of 18, which is the legal age of most other drivers.

The new licence is valid for a period of up to five years.

You will need the licence to drive for five years from the date you apply.

After five years, you’ll need to apply again for a different licence.

If there are no more renewals available, you have until December 2019 to apply for a driver licence.

When you apply for your new licence, the following information will be collected: You will be asked to provide your passport number and an identification number.

If a passport is not available, your passport will be issued by a police officer at your home.

You’ll also need a driving certificate from the police.

If any of the above is not the case for you, you’re entitled to a written assessment.

You are also asked to sign a declaration that you are a “pedestrians licence holder”.

You are required by law to carry a valid driver’s card with you at all times.

The card is issued by the local police force.

If it’s not valid, it will be confiscated by the police and destroyed.

This means you will not be able use your card for up to six months.

You should carry your driver card with a picture on it to show that you have the card, but if it’s lost or damaged, you cannot show it to any other person or organisation, and your driving licence will not continue to be valid.

You also have to show proof that you’ve lived in Italy for at least five years before you can get your new driving license or a learners permit.

If I have a previous driver’s conviction, do I need a new licence?


Your previous conviction will not affect your licence.

However, you still need to provide proof that this is not your first conviction.

This includes proof of: an insurance claim for loss or damage to your car, motorcycle, bicycle or car; and a driving offence from one or more years earlier, such as an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act, if the driver’s driving was impaired by alcohol or drugs or by an intoxicant.

Your next driving offence, or any conviction that you can show on the certificate, is not considered a previous conviction.

The previous driving offence will not disqualify you from driving for up until your next driving licence or a new learners licence.

Are there any conditions for obtaining a new motor vehicle licence?

Some drivers are exempt from the current licence requirement to get their new licence.

This applies if they are eligible to do so and their driving record shows that they have never been disqualified for

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