U.S. President Donald Trump’s former VA chief resigns after his appointment to head the Department of Veterans Affairs

Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he has appointed retired U.N. General Antonio Taguba to head his department’s Office of Inspector General.

Taguba had served as acting director of the VA under President Barack Obama and was appointed by Trump to the position in July.

Trump had asked Taguba for the job in the aftermath of the shooting death of his friend and fellow veteran, David Duke, who was shot dead in Virginia in 2016.

Tagula said in a statement that he was honored to accept the appointment.

He will work closely with Secretary (Eric) Shulkin, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkins, and other senior VA leadership to ensure that the Office of Accountability, Compliance and Ethics is fully staffed, and that we are transparent and accountable to Congress and the American people.

Tagulas new position will be the first to lead the Office, and he will serve as deputy inspector general for fraud and abuse, an agency designation that oversees fraud investigations, criminal investigations and other activities.

Tagua’s office is responsible for overseeing VA hospitals and clinics and for overseeing care for veterans who have died or been injured in combat.

The position also will be charged with reviewing the effectiveness of the Office and other departments and agencies within the VA.

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