‘Fascinating’ new video of British singer’s wedding has a little something extra to add to the collection

A video posted by a wedding photographer and a photographer friend has captured the essence of the moment when the bride and groom walked down the aisle together.

The video, titled ‘It’s My Day’, is one of the latest entries into the BBC’s ‘The Wedding’ series.

It shows the couple in a traditional British style, dressed in their wedding dresses and having their hair swept by a groom.

It also shows the bride walking down the red carpet in her traditional dress and heels, while her groom walks past with his wife.

“This is the best moment of my life,” the bride says.

“I’ve been married five years, and this is the happiest moment of all.”

The video was shot by the wedding photographer, Sarah Wilson, who is from Nottingham.

“We were invited to London for a wedding by our friend, Nick, who runs an outdoor wedding photographer shop,” she said.

“Nick and I started filming the ceremony and it was a really lovely moment for both of us.”

The couple walked down a red carpet and it just seemed so perfect, the couple just looked like they were having such a great time.

“Nick’s wife’s hair was also really well groomed, and it really was a perfect wedding moment for us.”

The couple had a traditional wedding ceremony in England in July 2017.

Sarah Wilson and Nick Wilson, from Nottingham, shot this wedding video in July.

The couple are seen in the video on the red carpets.

“The bride and the groom are so close together,” Ms Wilson said.

“I think it was really nice and natural for the couple to walk down the wedding aisle together, because it’s a big ceremony.”

The bride and her groom walked on red carpet together in July with their bride and grooms at the wedding.

The wedding video is shot by Sarah Wilson.

Sarah Wilson, a wedding photography photographer from Nottingham and wedding photographer friend, shared the video with The Wedding website.

“A lot of people have asked for it, and I think it’s wonderful that it has been shared with the wider world,” she told The Wedding.

It’s a very special moment, and a wonderful moment for me as well.””

I’m really looking forward to getting it out there.

It’s a very special moment, and a wonderful moment for me as well.”

I hope people can share this with their families as well, and to really bring that moment to life.

“You really get the sense that it’s really a big moment.” “

We really wanted it to be an authentic day, and the moment that both of them walked down,” she added.

“You really get the sense that it’s really a big moment.”

Sarah said the bride’s hair looked beautiful, which she described as “very pretty”.

The bride’s husband Nick Wilson has been an outdoor photographer for more than 25 years.

He told The Weekend Australian he did not know the bride or groom were expecting until the day they were married.

Nick Wilson, the wedding photography friend, said he had been invited to film the ceremony.

He said he knew the bride from her wedding day.

“[She was] a very sweet girl, and we were all chatting about her wedding a couple of years ago, and she asked if we could shoot some shots of the wedding,” Mr Wilson said in a statement.

Mr Wilson said he was nervous at the start, but after a while he relaxed.

The Wedding website said the couple were not married before their ceremony in London in July last year.

They were married in January 2017.

“The whole thing was very beautiful,” Ms Miller said.

“We were really happy and nervous and just trying to get the timing right, and just getting the bride to feel that she was a part of this.”

It’s just such a special moment and a very personal moment.

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