How to get a license for a real estate agent

A real estate attorney in the state of Texas is being investigated by state prosecutors for alleged violations of the state’s licensure law, according to a news release from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

The investigation began in late January when the attorney, David B. Staley, was interviewed by the Harris Co. prosecutor’s office for his “serious violation” of the Texas real estate law, the release states.

The investigation is ongoing, the DA’s office said.

The indictment alleges that Staley violated the law by not obtaining the proper licensing from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (DOLR).

The Texas Department, which oversees real estate licensing in the Lone Star State, said in a statement that it is aware of the investigation and has been cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

Staley’s license was issued in December 2014.

It expired in January 2017, according the DA.

The DOLR issued Staley a renewal license on July 20, 2017, and issued a notice of extension of time for Staley to renew his license in June 2017.

The notice of expiration expired in July 2018.

The DA’s news release said Staley has not been charged with any violation of the law and the investigation will be handled in accordance with the law.

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