Why Apple Genius is awesome

Apple’s new Genius app for iOS and Android has opened up the world of personal assistant and productivity tools to a whole new class of people.

Here are the pros and cons of Apple’s app, how to get started and what to expect.


Personal assistant and personal productivity tools are all yours and all of the time.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


You can make appointments with Siri, Alexa, Google Now and Cortana.

All are supported across iOS and the Google Play store.


Siri is free and you can also add your own apps to Siri.


Apple’s Siri is very easy to use, with a quick start guide, and the app has a lot of cool features like Google Now integration.


Siri will be integrated into Apple’s Mac and desktop operating systems.


You’ll be able to make appointments in Apple Maps.

You will also be able make phone calls in Apple’s call app.


Apple has also added a number of other features like a new voice search option and the ability to add contacts and make calls without having to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


You should expect to pay $199 for a year of the app and the iPhone and iPad version.

Apple charges $99 for the Mac version, and $99.99 for both iOS and Mac versions.


You get 10% off the iPad version if you buy a new one.

The iPad version costs $199, and iPad owners can upgrade to the $199 iPad Pro version for $499.


You do not have to pay for iCloud storage on the iPhone or iPad.


You also get access to Siri’s built-in dictation capabilities, which you can use to add words or phrases to an appointment.


Apple also has a number or features that have been made available on the App Store and elsewhere in the web, such as a feature that allows you to quickly search for a certain word or phrase.


You need to be signed in to the iPhone app to use the new Siri.


The new Apple Genius assistant app will work with Apple Pay.

It will be available on both iPhone and the iPad and will be accessible from the iPhone Home screen.


If you use a Wi.

Fi connection, you can access the app from a new iPhone or Apple Watch app, or from the Apple Watch’s app store.


You are able to access the Apple Store, Google Play and the Apple Music app from the new Apple TV app.


You might want to update to the latest version of the iPhone, if you want to use Apple Pay or other features that come with the iPhone.


You may need to upgrade to Apple Pay if you have already bought the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 Plus.


The Apple Watch version of Siri is now a standalone app, so you do not need to sign in to it. 20.

Apple Pay works only in the App store, and you have to be in Apple Pay mode to use Siri.

You still need to purchase an Apple Pay pass to use your Apple Watch.


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ models do not support Apple Pay yet.

You must buy a Passcode to use a passcode to purchase a pass on the Apple Pass app.


The Passcode will be in the iTunes Store, but not in the Apple App Store.

You cannot access it on the phone.


Apple does not support NFC payments with the new iPhones, but you can buy NFC credit cards with the Apple Pay app.


The Siri app does not yet support the iPhone X. You won’t be able use Siri with the X. 25.

Siri may not work with the newest iPhones.

You don’t have to buy a pass to make Siri work with these devices.


The iTunes Store is not yet available for the iPhone 9 and iPhone XS and XS Max models.

You have to purchase your own pass or buy an app.


If your Apple Pass is expired, you will need to buy another pass for your passcode.


You only get one free app for the first two years.

The third and fourth year passes will cost you $39.99.

You then need to pay the full price for the pass.


The iCloud is still not available on all devices.

You just need to use iCloud to make Apple Pay purchases.


You already have to sign into your iCloud account to use apps.

You’re able to use any app that you own or that you are signed into.


You aren’t able to add a gift card or get gift cards in the app.


You use the same password for both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S and the 5C.

If a friend tries to use that passcode on your iPhone, you’ll have to give it to him or her. 33.

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