How to find a Portland doctor

The Oregon Health Plan is seeking a new general practice doctor to replace the current one.

The new doctor will replace the previous general practitioner, but it’s unclear how he or she will perform work.

It’s not clear whether the new doctor is a physician assistant or a physician.

The Portland Police Bureau says it is investigating.

If you or someone you know needs help with an emergency, call 503-823-3333.

The Oregon Department of Health says emergency call center 503-988-HELP is also available.

If a person calls the helpline for an emergency they can talk with a trained counselor.

If that counselor doesn’t think they can help, they may need to go to a doctor.

If the counselor has other options, they can also call the city of Portland Emergency Medical Services.

The city says it also is open to other health professionals.

The health plan also says it has a list of qualified health care providers.

The person applying will be asked to provide a written description of his or her qualifications.

The applicant will be contacted via phone, email or text.

The process can take up to three weeks.

The job will be open until Nov. 1, 2019.

The department will hold a job fair to solicit applicants for the job, which will be held Nov. 3-5, 2019, at the Portland Public Library.

The general practice will begin January 1, 2020, and be a full-time position.

The position is open until the position is filled.

The medical board will hold the hiring process in person.

If an applicant is accepted, they will be notified via email or phone.

A public hearing will be scheduled for Dec. 11.

It will be available for public comment.

The public health board is considering a new policy on how long people must stay in a home, the amount of time they can remain there or what services they must provide.

Public health officials also are looking at whether there should be a moratorium on new medical centers in Portland.

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