Petco is hiring for 2019 schedule

Petco’s scheduling staff is hiring and hiring and hoping that a big change will arrive this fall, but it isn’t the one many were hoping for.

The petco groomers’ office has been open for more than two months, but staff haven’t had much input into what the company plans to do.

In a news release issued late last week, Petco said it is hiring a scheduler to manage appointments, a person who will be responsible for scheduling petco pet groomers who need appointments and keeping track of all the appointments made to date.

The scheduler will be the same person who coordinates appointments with the company’s customer service staff, the release said.

Petco’s schedule includes two days of events for pet owners: a pet groomer visit at a Petco retail store in New York City, and the appointment of a pet for a scheduled pet groom or grooming appointment.

The schedule also includes two other events that are not Petco events.

Petcos schedule is subject to change, PetCo said.

It is not clear how the scheduling change will impact pet grooming appointment scheduling.

Petco does not schedule PetCo grooming appointments, and Petco did not respond to multiple messages seeking comment.

PetCo has had more than a dozen grooming disasters over the past few years, most recently in February, when an employee was killed after a grooming appointment was canceled for a cat who ate a bottle of Petco shampoo and was not in the groomers room.

Petcare, which was also hit by a grooming disaster in February 2016, has had about 300 grooming disasters since 2012.

The company said in a statement that it is “continuing to invest in our grooming workforce to keep the petcare experience safe, comfortable and affordable for everyone.”

Petco did release a statement Friday that it would provide more information about grooming and pet care schedules in a later-than-expected notice.

The timing is not good news for pet grooming.

In addition to Petco, Petcare has lost its pet groomings schedule to an out-of-state company in 2019.

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