Meet the people who are getting their drivers license appointments this week

The state of Illinois has set up a new online booking application that will help people get their drivers licenses this week.

Starting Tuesday, anyone can get a new license or a renewal of an existing license in person, with no paper copies needed.

The website is a part of the state’s online driver license system, called the Driver License Information Center.

The state says the new online application will help the state process more than 1.5 million driver license applications.

The new online program is available for Illinois residents who have a valid driver license, but not a concealed handgun license or permit.

People who have both are eligible to get their license appointments by mail.

The new online option is not available to people with the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles, the Illinois State Police, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, or the Illinois Highway Patrol.

The website says the online program will be available to Illinois drivers who are applying for an Illinois driver license or renewal of a valid license online.

The state will not be accepting paper or photocopied licenses.

The online system allows people to print out a form of identification and fill it out online.

They can then check their details in the form, including a Social Security number, birth date, driver’s license number, and gender, to confirm they are who they say they are.

The Illinois State Patrol says people can use the website to print their information, but the agency says it will only process the forms for people who do not have a concealed carry license.

Anyone who wants to apply online for an application must have a Illinois driver’s or learner’s license, and someone who has the ID will need to print it out.

The application process is similar to the one used to renew licenses and drivers licenses.

You fill out the application, provide your name and address, your date of birth, a description of yourself, and your date and place of birth.

The online application is also the same.

The agency said it will process your application by email or phone call, but it will not handle the phone calls.

The Illinois State Highway Patrol will process the phone and email applications.

People can request an appointment at the Illinois Driver License Office in Lincoln, but they must have their driver license number and a valid photo ID to submit.

The department will not process online applications from anyone who has a valid Illinois driver or learnee license.

You can use this website to check the details of your driver license information and make sure that it is correct.

The process takes about 30 minutes.

You can also check your information in the online application form.

You will not receive a response if you have a problem with your driver information.

You must sign in to the website, which can be accessed at

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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