What to expect when you apply for an appointment at KP: You may have to answer some questions to get an appointment

The KP’s website has posted some advice on the new process and how to answer the questions people have been asking about their appointment.

“Please be advised that this is an extremely complex process that requires you to answer all of the questions we ask,” it says.

“To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the general questions you should ask about your appointment and the answers we will give you.”1.

How many days do I have to be away from the KP for?

(2 weeks) 2.

When do I apply for a KP appointment?

(24 hours) 3.

When will I be able to use the K and C phone numbers?

(3 months) 4.

Can I use my credit card for the appointment?

You can only use your credit card during the appointment (you cannot pay for the session at a later date).


Can we see the person in person or in person with you?

We are not sure how you can get in touch with a person in your home country without a visa, but if you have a phone with internet access and are in Australia, you can contact a member of the KPMG team via phone and text.


Will my phone be charged for the appointments?

No, your phone is not charged for this.


Can you call me back at my place of work?

Yes, you may contact me at your place of employment, but please do so only once your appointment is over.

You can also contact the local KPMC in your local area.


I am overseas, can I still call my place?


The KPMB can help you with your application, but this is the best way to ensure you are not charged more than your visa entitlements.


Will I have any extra documents?

Yes if you would like.

But you may need to bring some other documents with you.

You may also need to have a doctor’s note, a medical certificate, an ID card and your passport.

We have a full list of documents we can give you here.


Will there be any changes to my visa?

The changes you are making will only affect your visa, not your visa status.

So please don’t worry if you think you are in the wrong place, you should contact the Immigration Department directly.


Can someone else get me a visa?

Yes you can.

If you are eligible, they will give a visa to someone who is not already here, but you must be able meet them in person.

If your visa is a tourist visa, you must bring it with you for the duration of your stay.

The person must be at least 18 years old.

You will also need a valid passport for your visa.


What if I am travelling to Australia?

If you arrive in Australia from another country and are eligible for a visa but have not been accepted into a KPMP or KPME, the KPs immigration team will contact you to arrange a visa for you.

For details, see our visa page.


When can I apply?

The process of applying for an invitation to visit a KPU appointment starts once you are approved by the Immigration and Border Protection (IBP) department.

You should apply in person, with your visa application.

You are then given the appointment date, which must be the date you arrived.

You must return for the first appointment and return for a second appointment no later than one week after the first.

The second appointment is a scheduled appointment with the person who will have the job to do. 14.

When is my first appointment?

Your first appointment will usually be in the KPU’s office.

The process for your second appointment will be in a KPN’s office in a different location, but will be the same as the first one.


When are my appointments being rescheduled?

Your appointment is usually rescheddule at the earliest possible opportunity.

It is possible that your first appointment may not be rescheduling at the latest, but your second one will usually reschedule by the end of October.

If the first rescheduler does not rescheschedule your appointment, you will be given a second date to apply, if possible, and if possible be in Australia by then.


Will a new appointment be available?

Yes but you will have to bring a letter from the Immigration Minister.


Will the appointment be subject to visa approval?


You cannot apply for visa approval unless you meet the conditions outlined below: You are 18 years of age or older

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