How to get Apple to pay your vet bill

Apple has admitted paying out the bill of $2.8 million to a pet owner after the dog went into cardiac arrest.

Key points:Apple has paid $2,872.40 to an AppleCare pet owner who had their pet euthanasedThe company said it had not paid any compensation for the incidentApple said it was working with vet services to reimburse pet ownersThe dog was euthanised after the incidentThe incident happened in August this year.

The owner, who had been with AppleCare for two years, said the vet had done an outstanding job but was “absolutely devastated” after finding out about the incident.

“It’s absolutely terrible that they have made that kind of mistake and that they’ve paid it,” she said.

“I’m just so upset, because it’s my pet, my best friend, and they’ve let it go.”

Apple said in a statement to the ABC that it was aware of the incident and was in contact with the owner to arrange for the vet to reimburse her for the cost of the treatment.

“We are working with our vet to repay the costs of the procedure and the treatment that was provided for the dog,” the statement said.

AppleCare was established in 2004 as a way for customers to have their pets insured through AppleCare.

It offered a range of services, including vet appointments, vaccinations, flea and tick prevention and pet insurance.

“AppleCare has a reputation for offering the highest level of customer service, which is why we are so proud to work with such a trusted brand,” the company said.’

I’m sorry I let you down’A statement from AppleCare said the company was working closely with vets to reimburse the pet owner for the costs.

“If you have a vet problem and need help, we have a trained team who can help,” it said.”[We are] also in contact by phone with your vet to arrange a fee reimbursement.”

A statement on the AppleCare website said vets could not be held responsible for any damages caused by animals euthanising in AppleCare policies.

When an animal euthanises in AppleCares pet policy, AppleCare will reimburse the vet for the veterinary costs.””

AppleCare vets will only perform surgery that is necessary to save the life of the animal.”

When an animal euthanises in AppleCares pet policy, AppleCare will reimburse the vet for the veterinary costs.

“AppleCare’s statement also said Apple would be contacting vet services about a fee reimbursement and the owners of dogs that were euthanase by AppleCare in the future.”

The cost of veterinary services for AppleCare customers is covered by Apple’s insurance policy, which covers pet bills and veterinary care.

“However, we are working closely and with vets in the community to ensure that AppleCARE vets are reimbursed appropriately for the treatment of their pets,” it added.

Apple’s pet policy is similar to that of other companies including PetSmart, and has a pet policy of $10,000 for life, with pet insurance of $3,000 a year for life.

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