Which are the best hospital appointments?

A new report from the Hospital Alliance, which represents hospitals, suggests hospitals are increasingly turning to a combination of video, augmented reality and chat for hospital appointments.In an effort to improve efficiency and improve patient care, the group estimates that roughly 1.3 million visits are made every day using augmented reality technology to help staffRead More

What is the ‘death panel’ in the Senate?

The Senate is scheduled to vote Wednesday on legislation that would give the president broad authority to impose a government shutdown or a debt ceiling increase.That could force the nation to return to the negotiating table or use the so-called “sequester” cuts to cut spending, raise taxes or both.But it would be the first timeRead More

How to get the most out of your Infopass program

A new infopassing program in NSW could make the difference between a mortgage or a property deal.Infopasses are a service offered by many lenders that lets them take a $30,000 deposit and then take a loan for up to $200,000.“It’s the only way to pay off debt and it’s also the easiest way to getRead More

What the GOP Is Trying to Do to the ACA

The GOP is trying to get the Affordable Care Act repealed.And that means forcing people to go to the doctor.It means giving the government more power over their health.And it means allowing insurers to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.That’s what’s going on with the ACA.Now, a lot of Republicans are worried about thisRead More

Why the DOJ has turned down a Trump appointee for attorney general – and why it won’t confirm another

Time title Trump’s lawyers are turning down Rosenstein appointment to lead the Justice Department article The Trump administration is rejecting the nomination of former Alabama U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein to head the Department of Justice.The Senate Judiciary Committee said it had voted to reject Rosenstein’s nomination Monday evening, the day the Trump administration made aRead More

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