Why You Should Date Online?

Online dating seems like a great idea… doesn’t it?

Why should you date online?

You sit down at your computer, log on to the online dating website, and start emailing all kinds of hot babes… with no fear of “rejection” or confrontation.

And then they email you back, get to know “the real you,” build a relationship in a friendly, low-key way, and eventually go out on a date…

But still many guys doubts and think online dating is only for freaks or ugly nerds.

Online dating is growing rapidly fast! There is not a single doubt in my mind about this proclamation. it all began with the revolution of social networks in around 2004. Websites like Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Ning, Orkut, Friendster, Instagram and, of course, the TITAN of all social networking sites FACEBOOK have played a major role in its rapid growth.

Thanks to all social network that people have now finally discovered a far easier way of keeping in touch with friends and family, also online dating is a far easier and less time-consuming way to meet women. The 2 biggest reasons why people use these social networking sites are for business and of course for dating opportunities. It is now considered ‘normal’ to say to someone you have just met: “ I’ll Facebook you” or “ Add me on Facebook” in order to keep an interaction or a relationship going.

Imagine meeting a stranger and asking for her phone number and creating a complete weird situation. Now, it’s better just say “Add me on Facebook” and I don’t think so there will be anyone giving a negative response for this.

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It is (again) thanks to these sites, that online dating has become far more mainstream and acceptable. I personally know over 15 people who met their partner online, and these people are by no means considered to be unpopular or geeky or stranger desperate, or whatever descriptions people once used to describe other people who were signed up to online dating websites.

Online dating was once considered to be something that only desperate loners in their mid-40s (who were usually men) would use as a last solution to end their days and especially their nights of loneliness. It was looked down upon by the majority of men and women (whether they had an active dating life or not) and was considered to be almost sinister by most young women.

Here are some interesting statistics:

For the first time ever in 2010, three major online dating websites had exactly the same amount of female applicants as men.

  • Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 120,000 marriages a year that occur as a result of online dating.
  • 31% of adults in America say they know someone who has used an online dating service.
  • Online Dating Magazine estimates that more than 20 million people visit at least one online dating service a month.
  • In 2009, 17 % of married couples met online
  • 1 in 5 singles has dated online
  • 1 in 5 singles in serious relationships met their partners online
  • These statistics would silence even the most zealous ‘online dating’ skeptics.

So, this statics shows that online dating is not a taboo anymore. We have finally started accepting online dating more and more as a genuine way to meet someone. Still, even now, many people do not take it seriously and don’t trust it. Thousands of  guys meet their partners online every day. But as there are PRO’s there are CONS as well -so let’s discuss it below:


  • saves time – you have a choice of meeting too many girls in the short span of time.
  • targeted search – you get an option to choose a girl of your choice and you can “skip out” the people you definitely are not interested in, based on the information available online.
  • know her better in short time – it is said that people reveal more secrets online than in person so you get a better chance to know your partner better in a short time.
  • no more approach anxiety – you don’t know her in person so there is no single problem like approach anxiety.
  • rejection affects you less – than when that happens “face to face”.
  • safe in one way – you do not need to reveal your name, address and other personal information.


  • not safe in another way – you don’t know who is really behind a profile; unfortunately there are still lots of creeps out there who pretend to be someone else online just to have some fun or worse.
  • a bit awkward – you miss out real life fun like going out, meeting, conversation, touching and all.
  • no moral support – there is a big chance that your family and friends will not approve or understand when you are dating someone online.
  • long distance relationship problems – you may get in trouble if your partner is living far away from you; eventually, one of the two has to move to make it work.
  • a bit addictive – you can end up spending many hours a day in front of your computer doing nothing else than looking for a date.


BUT should you date online or not??

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