What to Do on a Second Date?

If you managed to secure a second date, it means that the girl you went out with got really interested in you. Also, it can be your second chance to make a good impression and show your best self.

First dates are associated with nervousness, uncertainty, and pressure – not the best emotions and feelings for having a great time. In addition to this, first dates tend to last no more than several hours especially if you arrange a real-life rendezvous with a stranger online and don’t want to waste your time in case she turns out to be not your type.

So, you go out, communicate trying to get to know each other, and if there is a connection between you two, you ask her and she agrees to have a second date.

Now that you’re not strangers anymore, you’ll feel more comfortable on your second date and this will let you be yourself. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to ask her the questions you wanted to ask during your first encounter and make sure that the first impressions weren’t deceiving.

She will also re-assess your previous experience, so you need to do your best in order to be up to the mark.

What to Do on a Second Date?

What to Do on a Second Date?

Go to a different place. Your second date should differ from your first meeting. First of all, choose a new venue. If it was a café, try something new this time or include dining only as a part of your date number two. Since you’re going to spend together the whole evening rather than a few hours, plan to visit two or more places. Your date should experience different emotions and different environments will facilitate it. For example, you can go bowling first to get active and then go to the restaurant to relax and talk.

Meet before the date starts. When it’s your first date, you choose the venue and meet right there. Everything is quite formal so far. But when you go out on the second date, you should meet earlier and go to the venue together. Pick her up at her place or chose another meeting point. The idea is to show that you’re already responsible for accompanying her.

Greet her properly. Irrespective of whether you kissed at the end of your first date or not, it’s not recommended to kiss your girl at the beginning of your second date. She may think you’re too bold or cheeky. So to be on the safe side, just embrace her.

Have a good conversation. The second dates are similar to the first dates in that they are also aimed at getting to know each other better. And it’s possible only through communication. That’s why make sure that nothing will prevent you from talking during your date. Avoid going to the places where you have to remain silent (movies, concerts). Yet, you can watch a movie and then take a walk in the park or go to a restaurant to interact.

Show her you’re interested in her. Women know that a guy is interested in them if he asks many questions, listens carefully, and looks them in the eyes. In order to prove that you were a good listener on your first date, bring up some facts she mentioned last time. For example, if she was about to go on a business trip, ask how it was. Make her feel special by asking lots of questions. Make sure you sound genuinely interested in her life. Avoid some clichéd questions, the ones asked during job interviews. You are welcome to ask about her childhood memories, parents, hobbies, travel experiences, etc. By maintaining eye contact you’ll show her that you feel confident and comfortable in her company. If you look her in the eyes while she talks, it means that you’re attentive and she loves it. At the same time, mind your eyes – you shouldn’t stare at her.

Compliment her. You need to make your date feel womanly and appreciated. For this, compliment her but don’t go out of your way. Three compliments throughout a date will be enough to let her know that your attention is focused on her. In order to sound more natural, make sure you compliment her on different aspects of her personality: appearance, taste, and personal traits.

Set the right mood. Men are always in charge of the atmosphere of a date. And its success largely depends on you. Be relaxed, radiate confidence and positive energy and your date will feel it and be more relaxed and open too. Don’t expect anything, just be in the moment.

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