How To Impress Your Girlfriend’s Dad

After a great success of getting your dream girl as a girlfriend, it’s time to move on and impress her dad. Always impressing her dad is tough to compare to a girlfriend because they have plenty of question to ask and many ideas to underestimate us.

Generally, dad of every girl want guys like who have successful professional life and he know how to translate that life into financial stability. Mostly this is the topmost priority.

While before this meeting they never seen you, only heard of you and no matter how well your girlfriend has presented you in front of him, he will still judge you from scratch. Dress your age. So be yourself.

How To Impress Girl's Dad

How To Impress Girl’s Dad

Usually, parents expect the guy to behave responsibly, share responsibilities with the girl. However parents today are being more broad-minded and relaxing their boundary conditions considerably. If you try too hard to impress him by becoming a person you think he’d admire, you’ll only lessen your own chances. Make sure you don’t come across as a people pleaser. Dad can see you through. He has been through the same age, remember that thing.

Tell him what are your career plans and how they are tightly aligned with monetary benefits. Tell him that you have enough money to buy a BMW, but how you have taken a decision wisely and bought a FORD. Talk to him about the financial policies, tax saving measures, real estate etc.

Always be interested in him. If he asks you a question, answer honestly. Honesty is a sign of integrity and the mark of true character. While he may not necessarily like your answer, he will appreciate that you were honest and not just saying what he wants to hear.

When you are going to meet her parents, then don’t just think about the mother. Aside from flowers or chocolates for her, go the extra mile and find out her father’s favourite wine, cigar or whisky and buy accordingly its look little touches gents.

Well, when you are having a conversation with her dad will be judging your behaviour around his daughter. He wants his daughter’s happiness and security above anything else in the world. Make her dad believe that you will take better care of her.

When you are going to meet her dad walk like a MAN Shake hands like a man. Don’t wear those low waist Jeans in front of her dad. Be well dressed with good haircut etc.

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