How To Act On A Date To Have A Perfect Date (for Men)

It has never been easy to understand what women want. Sometimes you find yourself struggling to do everything that your girlfriend wants… and she’s still being 100% unsatisfied. You might be wondering what you have done wrong of why your woman is so fastidious.

How To Act On A Date To Have A Perfect Date

How To Act On A Date To Have A Perfect Date


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to explain your girlfriend’s fussy behavior. But if you don’t have one and have just asked someone out – this article’s going to be extremely useful for you. With the help of good-looking friends from Brides Stars russian dating site, we have gathered seven golden rules to perfect your date. Also you can read about what girls find annoying about men’s behavior. They will not improve your relationships with women, however, you will be able to have an unforgettable date, which will for sure give you a chance to win a girl’s heart.

  1. Let her participate – In most cases, men are the initiators of the whole thing. You ask a girl out, you come up with the idea of a perfect leisure, you organize plan everything etc. Nobody minds it anyway. But if you give your prospective girlfriend an opportunity to take part in preparations – you will immediately feel closer. For instance, you may offer her a list of five places to visit, and she will choose the one she likes the most. A simple yet effective trick!
  1. Stay confident – There’s something absolutely amazing about mannish behavior. Nothing makes you manlier than confidence. Women are generally attracted to individuals that know what they do and why they do it. You need to show confidence in every step you take, in every action. If you feel nervous – don’t be shy about it, laugh it out of yourself. Likewise, it will be truly helpful if you set the topics for discussion. It will help you overcome your nervousness.
  1. Keep it casual  – There are time and place for everything, even for overdoing. On the contrary, a date requires you to stay cool and control “the heat”. Even if it’s your first meeting and you want to make the best out of it – try to act as if you were absolutely all right with what’s happening. Likewise, no need for luxurious restaurants and air balloon trips. It might be too much for her.
  1. Look your bestNo, seriously. This is not only about dates. A man should always look good. The thing is – it’s another kind of “good”, not the same as women have. First of all, you should take care of your beard and hair. If you have a beard, it should always be properly groomed and washed with shampoo (especially if you smoke cigarettes). Picking clothes is much simpler for men, just make sure pieces of it match. Choose the right perfume, clean your boots (always!) – and you are ready for a date. There’s much more to say but nothing will work without these essentials.
  1. Make her laugh – A date is always a stress-provoking occasion, even for experienced guys. To overcome your (and her) nervousness, we have a simple idea – be ironic and humorous (not sarcastic and misogynic). It will both make you overly attractive and ease the atmosphere of your date. Note: a good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence.
  1. To kiss or not to kiss?This piece of advice is mostly related to first dates. You need to understand if your potential girlfriend is ready for getting more intimate. Initiating the first kiss is somewhat risky. Therefore, if you feel that something might go wrong, leave it for a second date. Your attraction will only get deeper.
  1. Buzzy troublesBe careful with alcoholic drinks. A glass of light wine during your dinner on a terrace makes perfect sense. However, you should not get drunk – for several reasons, including a bad impression you will make in this case. Chances are you will never have another date with this girl.

Its better to learn some pickup lines before you go on a date.

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