5 Surefire Ways to Date a Russian Girl

Wonder how you should behave to make a Russian girl interested in you and pave the way for a successful dating story? The best strategy you can choose to win the heart of a Russian beauty is to avoid the mistakes Russian guys make. Apart from this, you should also do some things that women universally like about men’s behavior and manners. So, the following five must-dos will help you make her agree to have a date with you and also you can read most popular myths about Russian girls.

5 Surefire Ways to Date a Russian Girl

5 Surefire Ways to Date a Russian Girl

Dress sharp. One of the weak points of most Russian men is their bad taste in clothes. This is where you can turn it to your advantage. Women melt when they see a good-looking man dressed nicely and with taste. Don’t dress up but make sure you don’t wear sweatpants combined with dress shoes or in any other weird combination.

Be mildly persistent. Although women like when a man shows his assertiveness when he wants to get something he wants, be it an accomplishment or a woman. However, if he continues to be over-assertive even if a woman let him clearly know that she’s not interested in him, it will turn her off. Solution: don’t turn your assertiveness into aggressiveness.

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Act gentlemanly. Russian women are used to being treated as real ladies and if you considered opening doors for women and paying for dinner to be the things of the past, you should definitely change your opinion. Here, in Russia, chivalry is not dead and this is what Russian men are good at, so you should be up to the mark.

Be nice. Although it may seem to be a bit stereotypical but many Russian men are generally insensitive. You should be nice to get a Russian lady interested in you. However, don’t go out of your way to make a good impression on her, otherwise, you may come across as weak or desperate.

Bring flowers. Russian girls like to receive flowers especially if they are given for no reason. So buy her a bunch of nice flowers – she will appreciate this gesture.

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